Miscellaneous Mondays: Movie Madness

Miscellaneous Mondays: Movie Madness
Ten seconds into the movie Spring Breakers and I thought, “What in the world?” I was also slightly uncomfortable that I had asked my stepmother to come watch it with me. Wouldn’t you be too if your age group was portrayed as slow-motion shaking booties and breasts? Not to mention more than just bad decisions by the characters but the director, editor, writer, producer, actors etc. The entire movie was a bust with only one redeeming quality. I got to see several shots of my college and even identified some of my classmates. What in the world James Franco, are you trying to be Johnny Depp?  I think you need a character with a bit more depth to pull that off, instead of one who can’t seem to spout off more than several lines multiple times and no, “Spring break” is not a memorable take home quote, it is a common phrase already in use. Soft core porn is better than this. Even those movies (National Lampoon franchise?) have a plot. This one kept on and on, implying they were getting to the center story but no, just more slow-motion beach scenes and alcohol and money being thrown around. I was bored. Bored! A movie with sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, violence and I was bored. The characters were one-dimensional and their personal/back stories were implied but not explored so the audience was left hanging. The weird sound effect scene changes (a gunshot) were annoying and unnecessary and did not add anything to the movie. Once again I lament the portrayal of America/college/Spring Break/young adults/etc that this movie has made. 
Spring Breakers? More like Spring Flop

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  1. I totally agree Rachel! And yes, I was slightly uncomfortable as well! I was in shock and kept asking myself, “are there really people that do this sort of thing?” Despite the movie being a flop, you are always good company and I'll go to any (well, almost any, movie with you!)


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