2021 Q2 House, Goals, and Progress

I bought a house! I spent all of my cash monies and now I have to build my emergency fund and savings funds back up so I’ve added that goal to my list. 

2021 Goals Progress Update:

Goals for 2021

Time frame

Q2 progress goal

Finish outlining Two for Tiny


Tabling this goal until I am back into writing

Take floorwork intermediate series


Completed intermediate series

Signup for advanced when offered

12 chin-ups


8 chin-ups

5 pull-ups

Book inventory gone



First draft for Two for Tiny


Wrote two chapters, not interested in continuing at this time

Freestanding Handstand


No progress

Pass intermediate inversions at Divine!


Moved to Renton and tabling this goal as I will be taking the majority of classes at Ascendance

1000 lifetime ebike miles


390 miles in 2020

63 miles in Q1, 133 Q2

April – 46.7

May – 86.5

June – 0

Take 500 lifetime pole classes


April – 463

May – 469

June – 475

Writing conference or workshop


Pick or defer for the year. ECWC is virtual this year. PNWA 9/15 – 9/19

Take a doughnut making class


No classes on schedule yet https://www.raiseddoughnuts.com/classes

Take goat/bunny yoga class


No classes on schedule yet

Take a mochi making class


No classes on schedule yet


emergency/disaster/community preparedness


Listed 3-day workshop was too expensive, check for other options

Tiny house show


No local shows yet

Pole Expo/Convention


No local in-person events yet

Corgi Con


Date announced 10/16 from 10AM – 2PM

Build up $10k in my emergency fund



Make $5000 side hustle funds


~$2800 so far

In other news…

My partner and I completed two housesits, caring for 5 cats and one dog in total

I watched some more cats for Rover/Meowtel

I tried out some new donuts from The Flour Box. They were good but overhyped.

I bought my first house!

I wasn’t planning to but I ended up planting five tomato plants and several cucumbers in my garden this year. They are growing like bonkers with this heat!

Reached the next level in Pokemon Go

I’m boarding a lovely cat for the next 6 weeks

It reached records temps in the area! 115 at the highest…


What are your goals and how are you meeting them?

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