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Here is Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things, Second Edition. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

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Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things, Second Edition, includes the following:

The Food Challenge
Tips to Help You Win a Food Challenge
10 Challenges at 10
Facts About Corgis
20 Challenges at 20
The Secret of Tree Beach
Fat Boy Run
30 Challenges at 30
Your Local Hangout
40 Challenges at 40
Reasons to Bask in a Sea of Puppies
50 Challenges at 50
Kale is Not a Curse Word
Doughnuts Recipe
Object Scavenger Hunt
Photo Scavenger Hunt
To Do with Donuts, Yes or No?
Top Ten Worst Donut Flavors
Top Ten Donuts You Have to Try
Bonus Bucket List Items
About Donuts by Guest Author Rachel Radtke
Seattle Checklist
For the Love of Donuts Books
Donuts in an Empty Field Chapter One
About the Author

Bonus Donut Pictures!

20160514DonutSchoot (4)    20160514DonutSchoot (5)