Nichole’s Book of Practical Things

Nichole’s Book of Practical Things features:

1. Kitchen Hacks
2. Car Hacks
3. Personal Hacks
4. Budget Hacks
5. Life Hacks
6. Fashion Faux Pas List
7. Live Advice
8. Nichole’s Favorite Sarasota Hangouts
9. And more Practical Things!


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From Nichole’s Book of Practical Things – Fashion Faux Pas List:

Nichole’s advice for dressing up and going out

  • Shoes to avoid: Crocs.
  • Trends are great, but you will never be a fashion icon if you’re always following someone else.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories.
  • Avoid denim on denim.
  • There is such a thing as too much animal print – wear it sparingly!
  • Never ever wear socks with sandals!
  • Don’t let others tell you what to wear.
  • Wear your clothes with confidence and people won’t question your fashion choices – unless Crocs.
  • Always try on something before buying it – sizes lie!
  • Shoes will make or break your outfit – so don’t blow it!