Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things

Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things features:

The Food Challenge, Fat Boy Run,
Tips to Help You Win a Food Challenge,
10 Challenges at 10, 20 Challenges at 20,
Facts About Corgis, The Secret of Tree Beach,
30 Challenges at 30, 40 Challenges at 40,
Your Local Hangout, 50 Challenges at 50,
Reasons to Bask in a Sea of Puppies,
Kale is Not a Curse Word, Doughnuts Recipe,
Object Scavenger Hunt, Photo Scavenger Hunt,
To Do with Donuts, Yes or No?,
Top Ten Worst Donut Flavors, Top Ten Donuts You Have to Try,
Donuts in an Empty Field Chapter One

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From Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things – 20 Challenges at 20:

How many have you done?

1 Gallop on a horse  Yes
2 Fast for a day  Yes
3 Donate blood  Yes
4 Swim with dolphins  Not yet
5 Ride a Segway  Yes
6 Ride in a limo  Not yet
7 Stay awake for 48 hours straight  Not Sure
8 Participate in a headphone dance party  Yes
9 Spend 3 hours in a Walmart  Yes
10 Go night swimming  Yes
11 Wrestle a friend in the sand  Yes
12 Attempt a world challenge  Not officially
13 Make up your own lyrics to a popular song  Yes
14 Participate in a zombie walk  Yes
15 Hide a geocache  Yes
16 Learn a magic trick  Yes
17 Take your parents on a date and pay for everything  Yes
18 Dress up and go out on any day but Halloween  Yes
19 Write a positive note and leave it in a library book  Not yet
20 Dumpster dive  Yes