Wildlife Wednesday: The Stump Geocache

What better way to get exercise and view what Washington state has to offer than geocaching! This activity is great for all ages and can be taken at whatever pace suits your lifestyle. You can pull an all day geocaching adventure or pick up a few here and there. I like to do both. I love the concept of geocaching from every angle. I enjoy finding something that is hidden. I love the creativity and planning that goes into most of the geocaches. I get giddy when I crack a harder than usual geocache whether it be container or location based difficulty. I especially find the places chosen fascinating. Both city, forest, and everything in between caches are enjoyable.

I’m beginning to get really into the stump geocaches. I’m not talking about piddling stumps where a tree was cut down but a humongous rotting specimen of prior grandeur randomly in the woods that only a geocacher or a serial killer would know about. For example:

This is one massive tree stump a friend and I found out on the Cedar River Trail near my house. It was out of the way of the trail, down a leaf-filled slope. The geocache was up and inside the stump, out of reach unless you literally climbed your way into the stump or shimmied your way over a branch that was like half of a scary-looking see-saw.

Here is the listing for this particular geocache, sorry for the spoiler!