Foodie Fridays: the Involved Salad

Foodie Fridays: the Involved Salad
Definition: The involved salad is composed of lettuce and one or more other elements. Also refer to the super involved salad composed of lettuce and many other elements. Also, simply the salad, of which there is only lettuce. 
The Involved Salad Typical and Atypical Ingredients:
  • Mixed greens (the darker the better)
  • Tomatoes (Campari or Cherry are my favorites)
  • Peppers (I like to use yellow and orange ones for that fresh burst of flavor and color)
  • Carrots (Chopped is the best way to go believe it or not)
  • Avocado (See previous Foodie Friday post)
  • Hummus (Add the protein and the garlic zest)
  • Broccoli (Tear the florets up and toss them in)
  • Sun-dried tomatoes (Pack a powerful punch of flavor so be careful not to use that many)
  • Artichoke hearts (Break them up into small pieces)