Seattle-Specific Saturdays: 405

Seattle-Specific Saturdays: I Don’t Mind the Weather But I Can’t Stand the…
1. Traffic
or perhaps
2. Coffee
or perhaps
3. All that greenery
What is it about Washington or the PNW (Pacific Northwest) that you can’t stand?
I spent my early childhood in Washington. I do not recall the traffic when I was a child most simply because I was not a driver back then, obviously. I did not harp on the weather or the rain because as a child I didn’t know any “better” weather. It was what it was and I loved it. There were trees to hide behind and hills to climb. There were rivers to float down and forests to explore. There were parks. So many parks! As an adult, having lived in Florida for the better part of my later childhood and having visited multiple other states and countries I have experienced a bit of variety. I am able to compare life in WA with life in other locations. Yet, I still love WA and I don’t mind the weather but I can’t stand the traffic. 
Ode to 405
Oh how I hate
When to wait, wait, wait
You make me late, late, late.