Foodie Fridays: Microsize Me

Our eyes are no longer bigger than our stomachs in America

Taking this to heart, as well as the obesity epidemic in America and the fact that portion sizes are out of control whenever I eat out, I go with the micro-size me policy. Instead of super sizing portions, going Xlarge/Venti/Super etc I ask for the kid’s size or the smallest size. Ice cream? Small please. Coffee? Small/Tall please. Dinner size? I’ll split it with my companion please.

It seems like everybody these days is on a diet. My “diet” consists of trying to eat wholeful foods, such as veggies, sweet potatoes, fruits, brown rice, and fish instead of all the other food options out there. However, good luck trying to eat on the healthier side when you go out. I have found that the majority of restaurants will resort to the cheapest food option or the food option that will appeal to your taste buds. Did you know that when you take excessive sugars and salts out of your diet you appreciate the natural taste of food more? Then you don’t need sugar or salt added for ‘flavor’ because the dish has enough flavor for your taste buds. My new beef with eating out is 1. I can make it better in terms of healthy ingredients, 2. I can make it better in terms of what I like regarding taste about half the time, and 3. I can make it cheaper. That’s why my favorite restaurants are ethnic, I can’t make good Indian or Thai food.

My real issue is not what I eat but how I move, or rather don’t. I like to sit. All my daily activities seem to involve sitting; driving, working, writing, reading. I dislike traditional exercise. My favorite form of movement was dodge-ball but I have outgrown that sport. Sometime in the near-far future I would like to start playing volleyball but in the meantime I have picked up one of my favorite pastimes as a form of exercise: dancing. I enjoy dancing because it is a challenge for me. It is exciting and fun. So far I am currently doing zumba. I’d like to find some hip hop classes and perhaps some belly-dancing classes as well.