Toiling Tuesdays: More Education?

Online Classes Go!
I’ve decided I want to further my education in any way possible. I’ve been reading books about writing and the publishing industry and working on my platform as an author. I recently took a bartending class and got my mixology certificate. 
I found some hot deals on Groupon for some intriguing classes such as the Web Development Class, Accounting and Bookkeeping Class,  and Online Business Management and Marketing Class. If you are looking for smoking discounts on online courses then Groupon is a good place for you to start. I can’t wait to try some of these and learn something(s) new!
In the meantime, though, my ultimate furthering education goal is to take electrical engineering classes. 

Fundamental courses that are required of all non-EE degree holders are:
  • EE 215 “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering”
  • EE 233 “Circuit Theory”
  • EE 235 “Continuous Time Linear Systems”
  • EE 271 “Digital Circuits and Systems”
  • Programming skills at the level of CSE 142 “Computer Programming I” and CSE 143 “Computer Programming II”

    Any engineers out there have recommendations?