Author Thursdays: SoCNoc

The Challenge:

SoCNoC – or Southern Cross Novel Competition is the writing challenge for the Southern Hemisphere, and anyone else who wants to join in.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days.


The Rules

The Goal:

Though traditionally one would start a new novel and finish it* in the month, I have chosen to finish a novel I have already started. I hope that combining my already 23k words with the 50k I will write in June, I will have a complete novel! As my writing habit is to edit as I go, the novel will be already partially edited!

It takes a village to create a monster. Can one young girl’s sacrifice break the spell or will the whole town be consumed by his voracious anger?


Every girl and boy in the village of Frey has been afraid of the beast of the forest for as long as they can remember. It was only ten years ago that he fell into the well of loathing and was consumed by the town’s rage. He made his home in the forest and every year the townspeople sacrificed one of their own to appease his anger. The girl who helped pull him out of the well ten years ago has been chosen as the next sacrifice. Will she be the one to break the spell or will the whole town be consumed by his voracious anger.

The progress:

3/20/13: 720 words!
3/24/13: 2150 words!
4/26/13: 12.4k words!
4/29/13: 16k words!
5/03/13: 18k words!
5/08/13: 20k words!
5/12/13: 23k words!

The Outcome: