Toiling Tuesdays: Sexual Harassment

There are certain things where you do not deserve a second chance. One of those is rape. In light of recent events at Microsoft where an employee allegedly raped a female custodian, I am of the opinion that Microsoft was justified in firing him. According to the news report, the custodian informed her supervisor following the incident and he/she “ignored her report and failed to contact police.” I feel that this supervisor should also have been immediately fired. I am appalled that nobody seems to take note of his/her failure to act, especially in a role of power, as a supervisor. It is his/her duty, especially in these situations to take proper action. I feel it is especially important in cases involving rape to respond appropriately and any failure to act or take preventative measures should result in heavy repercussions. The supervisor is admitting with his/her actions that what happened is okay or not worthy of note. I believe that this is part of the reason why rape occurs in the workplace. It goes unpunished. If there aren’t consequences, only partial consequences, or higher likeliness for the event to be ignored, wouldn’t someone who is prone to rape be more likely to rape? Bad Microsoft I say! Take responsibility for ALL your employees and not just when the media informs your public of what goes on behind closed doors.