Toiling Tuesdays: How to Succeed in Blogging Without Really Trying, 4 Ways to Boost Your Blogs’

At one of my current jobs I have been researching SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices and stumbled over a couple of gems for optimizing my blog. One I would recommend you at least skim through is from (my newfound favorite SEO company based locally here in Seattle!).

The article, 5 data insights into the headlines readers click, talks about the importance of your headline. Well duh! The headline is like a book title. It might be all your potential readers see and your only chance to grab their attention to make them read more (click through).

1. Use excessive superlatives or none at all

5 Ways to Boost Your Blog
5 Best Ways Ever to Boost the Amazingness of Your Awesome Blog

Am I doing it right?

In my opinion, the latter example is less believable for containing critical information or information with evidence to back up the claims made but hey, the data don’t lie.

2. SOME RESPONDENTS don’t even MIND when you YELL at them

Again, this would strike me as the tabloid type yuppie article with no real or new information or information without evidence.

3. Write headlines that leave no ambiguity

I want to hem and haw over this one because I enjoy writing mysterious headlines that I find intriguing but maybe I’m wrong and I’m turning away readers who would rather know exactly what they are getting out of my blog post. What do you think?

4. The type of headline that generates higher click through rates is one that contains numbers, check the headline for this post for an example.

I think this one ties into leaving no ambiguity. The reader knows what you will say and how many things you will say about it.

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