Socializing Sundays: Reviewing the Romance

I, like many others, love a good book. I love a good book with a good story. I especially love a good book with a good story about young love. That’s one of my favorites. But many books portray love as simple or easy or falling perfectly in place in both persons’ lives. This is exceedingly comfortable and reassuring to read, even whilst knowing that life does not follow the same footsteps as those made by authors everywhere. I, however, like to indulge inner fantasies now and then and read one of those so-called cheesy romance novels. At least in this genre, you get what you pay for, a romance. Most of the books I read involve romance of a sort, even as the main story line! Yet, they label themselves young adult, fantasy, adventure, etc. Many books and movies that I can recall (correct me I dare you) contains a romance. It is almost a shock to realize something you just read or watched is only about the bond between father and son. This is not as true regarding less mainstream films, but when just referring to the “blockbuster” hits, you get the romance. Disney? Romance. Anime? Romance. J-Lo? Romance.

I digress. I wanted to share a review I wrote for a talented writer, Victoria Bastedo and her published novel, Dear Miklos:

Dear Miklos by Victoria Bastedo opens up in the midst of a benign story; one young lady’s interest in a faraway but not forgotten Grecian young man who once saved her life. As the reader, my curiosity is piqued by the potential in this relationship but the author tears away my attention and presents me with an altogether more promising prospect, the mysterious hulking giant who threatens her life! I knew Therese would travel to meet up with her former friend and future ? I knew the mysterious man trailing her would eventually catch up. I knew she would find herself in a whirlwind of hospitable Greeks and the handsome yet down to earth Miklos. I did not know the pace of the action would pick up with the speed of a racing boat and crash together with finality that could only end in one place, the inevitable and much longed-for ending of any worthy romance novel.

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