Miscellaneous Mondays: Childhood Memories Dashed

Have you ever gone back to a place you remembered as a child and it is not the same? You’re taller, bigger, wiser, older, etc but sometimes it is the place that changes more than your perspective.

I had such an experience a couple of months ago…

I was born and spent my formative years in Washington (Kirkland-Woodinville area). I remember very few actual places from around that area. Since I moved back here (to WA but a bit more South than that area), I have tried to re-visit those childhood memories in person. I have gone to the houses I remember and even got a personal tour in one of them (perks of being a young innocent looking female).

I remember a few shops (the Melting Pot since gone) and a bagel shop we used to go to enough times that I can remember the layout and the products. My dad would take me and my two siblings there and we would always get the same items. My sister would get a cinnamon stick. My brother would get a chocolate bagel. I would get a tutti fruiti bagel (raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries).

Bigfoot Bagels was the name of this place. Bigfoot Bagels does not exist anymore, at least as it used to be. It is now Woodinville bagels. They discontinued the tutti fruitti bagel years ago. When I walked in and asked about my second choice, the chocolate chip, they had also recently discontinued this bagel as well. What happened to the neighborhood bagel shop with the unique name? What happened to the shop in my memories? Gone. Different. Changed.

Sometimes it is best to leave your memories as memories.

3 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mondays: Childhood Memories Dashed

  1. I couldn't agree more! It is also important to continue to create good memories so you can “relive” them as you get older as you become less able to partake in activities. I miss skiing but I remember many good runs that I had and the fun of spending a whole day outdoors. G


  2. Rachel, which house did you tour? If it was Woodenville that Bill designed, what if anything has changed? — Hiker G


  3. I was mostly disappointed as I only have a select few memories where I can recall the exact place (venue). I toured the house in Kenmore. The house in Woodinville has become a lot more private due to the extreme growth of trees in the front and I did not feel comfortable at the time parking and knocking as it was quite early in the day.


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