Author Tuesdays: AWP is in Seattle this week…

AWP’s Conference is held in Seattle this year, are you going?

“Each year, AWP holds its Annual Conference & Bookfair in a different city to celebrate the authors, teachers, students, writing programs, literary centers, and publishers of that region. More than 12,000 writers and readers attended our 2013 conference, and over 650 exhibitors were represented at our bookfair. AWP’s is now the largest literary conference in North America. We hope you’ll join us in 2014.”

Here are a few events I will be attending:
R142. Once It’s Out of the Gate: Post-Publication Marketing and Platform-Building.
R164. 20 Things You Need to Know About Starting a Writers Group & 10 Things You Need to Know If You’re Already in One!.
R208. I’m Just Not That Into You: Unsympathetic Characters in Fiction.
R257. New Fairy Tales from the North

This is my first ever conference! My first ever writer’s conference! Any suggestions, tips, pointers for me?

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