Foodie Fridays: Vegan burgers – You’re Eating Them Wrong

What do you see when I say (write) the word “burger” ?? Probably a slab of beef encased in buns with some lettuce/cheese/onions/ketchup/etc. Essentially a traditional burger, right?

What about a vegan or veggie burger? Do you still see the same thing? Does this burger still have buns, lettuce, ketchup, etc?

I’m hear to tell you that you’ve been eating those vegan/veggie burgers wrong. They aren’t like meat patties. They are best eaten without all the burger accessories. They can be crumbled and placed atop a salad or with rice. They are like a patty stir fry. I think the best way to eat these bad boys is plain or as a ‘side’ with your meal.