Foodie Fridays: Portion Control and the Nation of Over eaters

I think a common problem is that we eat too much…

I have an expectation of quantity in my meals built in from growing up in a nation of large portions, over-eaters, and finishing what’s on your plate. Slowly, as a culture, we’ve been moving away from this but the damage has been done. I want to eat and I want it to be a lot. Every time.

I also have an expectation that the food should fulfill qualities of a stereotypical meal when in fact not every time I eat do I need to represent carbs or sugar or meat. But I still think eating without any of these constitutes an incomplete meal that I must make up for in subsequent meals.

My appetite expectations don’t meet my realistic amount of hunger and instead of allowing this disparity to exist, I reconcile the difference by consuming more than I want or need to. And then I do that two more times every day. So many extra calories!

We must first change our eating attitudes and then amend our eating behaviors.