Book Review: Reflections on Water: A Collection of Poems and Favorite Verses by T. Tommia Wright

reflections on water

Reflections on Water: A Collection of Poems and Favorite Verses by T. Tommia Wright

A Collection of Poems published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  (08/01/2013)


Reflections on Water by T. Tommia Wright is made up of three parts: photographs, poems, and Bible verses. In all but the author photo, water is prominent in the pictures, hence the title. The poems and Bible verses work off the theme of water, incorporating elements of the sea, rain, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes or morning dew.


 Poetry, Bible verses, photographs, nature, water-themed

My Review:

 One of T. Tommia Wright’s strongpoints is something many readers might take for granted… Wright has the inexplicable ability to craft a crossover work with such skill and beauty that it looks professionally crafted. Her book is short, granted, but she has blended the use of photography and poetry skillfully. The color blend on the cover is artful and eye–catching, the way the blue of the photo merges with the slow fade of blue on the cover and the font type works with the shapes in theh photo is well-done. Her cover works well on any coffee-table.

Wright also is able to stick to her theme loyally. She tells us that it will be a “Reflection on water” and she gives us just what she promises. Every page is true to the theme, her only deviations being the author photo in the back, though she is still surrounded by the natural element.

I’m not religious by any means and I find that most of my encounters with Biblical verses are in the context of religion or persuasion, so to be provided a few verses from the Bible from Wright is refreshing because she gives me seemingly random short verses. They are not random, though, they stick to her theme. She chose verses that do not even remind me of the Bible, but of some calming piece of text that references nature in all its forms which is exactly what Wright does in her poetry and photographs.

I only wish that the  inside pictures were glossy  like the cover, but then the book would have been like a large collection of postcards, awkward and stiff and I rather do enjoy the feel of a floppy paperback.

My favorite poem is the last four lines of Thin Veil on page 23

“In the Valley of the Shadow of the Moon,

The roaring waters echoing boom

Long flowing before the changes round

Making its way to Sound.”

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys poetry or nature-themed photography .

This Collection of poems was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  (08/01/2013) and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 3.50

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