Foodie Fridays: Next Food Challenge

Dear readers,

You may or may not have figured out by now that I am competitive by nature and enjoy challenges. My pride keeps me afloat sometimes and my self-determination is one of my greatest motivators. Two years ago I started a new self-determined project that I deemed “the Vegan Project.” I wanted to know what it was truly like to live like a vegan, to make choices as a vegan, to understand the mindset, and to thrive in an omnivore environment. You can see the results and some of my hard learned lessons at the temporary blog I posted on Last year I decided to make my project to Eliminate Sugar (you can see what happened at . Typically I run the ‘diet’ from the first of January until my birthday on the 22nd. This year I’m not sure what I want to try, but I have some ideas. Help me pick out the best one, the one you want to see in action, the one you think I can learn the most while following, the one that will make the most unusual blog posts, etc: