Book Review: Of Mice and Money by Winifred Morris


Of Mice and Money by Winifred Morris

A Chick Lit Novel published through Amazon Digital Services (06/06/2014)



“Because sometimes when somebody most needs to be rescued, they just don’t see it that way.” (Location 3607).

Of Mice and Money is the story of Kiva, daughter of hippy parents, mother to a daughter who ran away when she was 16. Kiva had her share of issues growing up, but the problems she faces now are much, much worse. Her husband is a high end drug-smuggler and she attempts to get away from him by moving to a small town. She buys a decrepit mouse-ridden house in the country, but her problems follow her there and blossom into something even Kiva couldn’t imagine.


 Hippes, Drug smuggling, safe house, small town, fixer-upper, mother daughter relationships


My Review:

Kiva just doesn’t seem to have a head for consequences. She goes along with what’s happening, even though she does try to get away from it all. Everything just seems to fall into her lap, creating problem after problem for her and though she grew up on rocky ground, she still doesn’t always make the right decisions. Kiva is likeable, but a little bland as a person. Her situations range from downright scary to somewhat mild, and yet her reaction is always the same. Maybe she has seen so much in her life that she is nonplussed when confronted by drug smuggling, snooping neighbors, a daughter she hasn’t seen in four years showing up on her door, etc.

Kiva, and her story, are told in a fun light manner that is easy to read. I really enjoyed the perspective on the relationships presented. From Kiva and her parents to Kiva and her daughter to Kiva and the men in her life, it was quite entertaining. It is great to see a less than perfect main character who’s flaws are real and grand and obtrusive into her life, but giving her much room to grow and learn.

My only question is what happened to Po the Thai woman?


This novel was published through Amazon Digital Services 06/06/2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.25


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