Miscellaneous Mondays: My Favorite Indie Authors 5/5 – M. Weidenbenner

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I found Michelle Weidenbenner when I was researching for my original nano novel the Geacache Killer, which utilizes the premise of Geocaching. I tried to find all the books that featured geocaching and was rewarded with a lot of duds, some boring reads, and a few gems. Cache a Predator was one of those treasures. I was very sad to see that Michelle Weidnebenner had only published one other book that was not a children’s book (she currently has two of those as well). I read Scattered Links and fell further in love with Weidenbener.

M. Weidenbenner is on my list of Indie stars to watch out for because she has written two out of this world engaging novels that are so professional and readable and wonderfully heart wrenching that I wonder why they are not on more national reading lists. Scattered Links has won some of its own accalim, topping Kindle Book Promos as a first place winner, a Gold Metal Winner int he 2014 Reader’s Favorite International Awards and Bronze Medal winner in Dan Poytner’s Global eBook Awards. Cache a Predator won Gold Medal in the 2014 Reader’s Favorite International Awards. Both these books were so engaging and thought provoking that they should be on every book clubs’ to read lists. Weidenbenner writes characters that are compelling and complex. Each character is given true motivation and backstory to match. Weidenbenner writes in a sophisticated manner that pulls you in and keeps you captive until the last word drops on the last page. Weidenbenner has created these larger than life characters with stories that will make you want to cry for them and their hardships. The author doesn’t stop there though, she creates conflicted characters as well. Weidenbenner’s ability to show relationships and the interaction of people is phenomenal. Each character has personality and motivation. Each character shows development and growth. Wow. If I could give a book 6/5 stars, I would do it for both these books, and for anything Michelle Weidenbenner writes.


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