Book Review: A Woman Lost by T.B. Markinson


A Woman Lost by T.B. Markinson

A Romantic Fiction Novel published by T. B. Markinson (01/02/14)



She is predictable as pie, always ordering a chai tea when out at the local Starbucks with her best friend Ethan, and avoiding talking about her relationship like they are the plague. She doesn’t like to open up and swoons – inside her own head- at any pretty woman. She feels like she gets cornered into doing what she doesn’t want to do and can’t figure a way out of it, even if all it would take is one conversation. She is a relationship wuss.



 Romance, Relationships, Unsupportive Family, Friendships, Lesbians, Tension, Holding in Feelings, Coffee, Chai


My Review:

Lizzie isn’t just a relationship wuss, she tries very hard. Her personality holds her back. Don’t we all do this? We’re worried about what our partner will do or say so we don’t bring up those difficult questions at all. Push them to the back of the closet where they can’t affect us, but they always do eventually. Markinson has a way with building her characters. Lizzie, Sarah, Ethan, and Maddie are all realistic layered characters with personality quirks and humors all their own. I really enjoy Markinson’s characters in everything that she writes and A Woman Lost is no exception.

A Woman Lost was built on tension. It was apparent in every word and every scene and I was just waiting for it all to fall apart or blow up. I wasn’t disappointed. Markinson herself describes Lizzie: “You’re so wound up all of the time that sometimes you crack.” (Page 35). Lizzie keeps her feelings bottled up inside, but not just because it adds tension to the story. She has a reason for doing this. Markinson has built her up and given her complication and motivation and backstory to explain who she is and why she does the less applaudable things that she does. If she has such a great girlfriend, why would she pursue the new hot chick? If any of us would succumb, so would a character like Lizzie. The story is realistic and the characters are realistic in this way and that is why Lizzie is so very relatable even while you want to kick her in the pants and tell her to stop being such a ninny. It’s difficult to do that when you’re as stubborn as Lizzie, “I should always go the exact opposite of my gut feeling; however, I was too stubborn to ignore my intuition.” (Page 228).

This novel was published by T. B. Markinson January 2nd, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 5.0


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