Book Review: Fantasy of Frost (The Tainted Accords Book 1) by Kelly St. Clare


Fantasy of Frost (The Tainted Accords Book 1) by Kelly St. Clare

A Fantasy Novel published by Kelly St Clare (01/14/15)



At the intersection of two worlds, Glacium and Osolis, lies peace and the sharing of resources, but the idea of a Bruma and a Solati together would be disgusting and appalling to both people. Glacium is cold and Osolis is hot and both worlds spin in opposite directions. Those on Glacium are loud and speak their minds while those on Osolis are reserved and conservative; however, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t gossip or things going on behind closed doors.

The Tatum (the woman in power on Osolis) beats her daughter, the Tatuma – who is next in line to rule. None have seen Olina the Tatuma’s face, for she is also made to wear a veil. Still, Olina is ready to be free of her mother’s rule and when she meets the young understanding delegate from Glacium, she falls for him. It is this love that sets in motion the unraveling of all that Olina took for granted.



 Fantasy, Family, Travel, Different Worlds, Intrigue, Warring, Peace, Love, Romance, Attacks, Loyalty, Negotiations, Brothers, Evil Mother, Fear, Rulers, Power, Intimidation, Training, Female main character, kick butt female


My Review:

A good fantasy envelops you completely and shows you a new world that is foreign as you begin to read and completely familiar as you reach the end. St. Clare has built not just one world, but two in Fantasy of Frost and the reader must understand what it is like to live in both worlds and what it is like to be Bruma or Solati and there is a bit of catchup in the beginning. Everything will click into place around 10% into the story, where many of the necessary explanations will have been given and the world has been rounded into familiarity for you. I love the stark contrast St. Clare gave to her worlds and the Romeo and Juliet romance that was doomed from the start between Kedrick and Olina, where both societies would disapprove of their love of one another. It is a love story destined for failure, but stronger because of the hardships it must endure.

I also love that Fantasy of Frost is not just a fantasy romance. It is a quest for answers and the unraveling of secrets. It is intriguing and the worlds hold mystery and some key to finding out hidden agendas.

St. Clare has created a phenomenal character in Olina. I loved her. I felt sorry for her. I relished when she kicked butt. But she didn’t kick butt continuously! She is Solati, and therefore is able to show restraint where needed, diplomacy when it suits the situation, but throw down when that is the best option. She can fight and escape and has spunk. Everyone will want to be her, but no-one will want to be thrust into her situation.

There were only two bothersome points in Fantasy of Frost. The first being the surprising use of language (cursing). In a fantasy where the names have a different meaning (an ‘o’ in front of the Solati names is significant), it was a rude awakening – at first – from the dense and complex fantasy with the modern American curse words. It made me wince at the use of ‘sexy.’ The second point is my common point of contention in most first novels of a series, that they don’t really end! I like a grand conflict to have a resolution, but still have to continue on to the second book. I felt that Fantasy of Frost fell into this category of not having a proper resolution, ending as if it were in the middle of a book and not the end. There aren’t any more chapters in this book and this is very frustrating for a full novel not to end. Still, I have to say, I don’t care too much and will await (with only mild frustration and much baited breath) for the next book in the series.

This novel was published by Kelly St Clare on January 14th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 4.50


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