Book Review: Harbinger (The Greatest Sin, #2) by Lee French with Erik Kort


Harbinger (The Greatest Sin, #2) by Lee French with Erik Kort

A Fantasy Novel published by Tangled Sky Press (09/09/14)



Harbinger focuses on the mystery behind one of the Fallen agent’s disappearance in Ket, a small coastal city in this second book of the Greatest Sin series. New agent, Chavali, who was introduced in the first Fallen book (The Greatest Sin #1) as a seer and no-nonsense woman of the clan of the Blaukenevs, is sent on the mission to find out what happened to the agent in Ket. Along with a man she saved from death (Harris), a morally stringent man who upholds honor and truth above all else (Colby), and another woman (Portia), as well as Colby’s strange and large horse (Karias), Chavali will have to use her skills and the help of these companions to figure out what is really amiss in Ket.



 Fantasy, Clan, Family, Loyalty, Prophesy, Seer, Close-Knit, Sacrifice, Strength, Evil, Friendship, Mystery, Thriller


My Review:

Lee French delivers again in the second book in this series, with Harbinger. Just like The Fallen, Harbinger was full of great quotes, quippy dialogue, fun and larger than life characters, and a female kick-butt main character who took no nonsense from anyone.

I like the way French weaves fantasy into her story and makes the reader wonder, what is the greatest sin?

French has a way with words and phrases that is mesmerizing. Her writing style is elegant and captivating. You can tell she is a professional and knows what she’s doing. She gives Chavali a bite to her words. I love the quick wit Chavali exhibits and the way she talks back without trying to usurp anyone or prove she’s better. Though anyone in her position would have an immense chip on their shoulder, Chavali is down to earth and confident in hereslf.

Chavali is more than just emotionally tough, she is shown to master the fight in Harbinger. She has been trained and now she uses these new skills to defend herself and other Fallen.

This novel was published by Tangled Sky Press on November 9th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 5.0


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