Super Scavenger Hunt Saturday Night

How to make a super scavenger hunt:

1. Figure out your locations (I chose five) and create clues

2. Optional (make a book to include all the clues that can be used as a memento when the hunt is over)

3. Put the clues in place (mine were pictures taken at the clue sites with some of the geo-coordinates needed to find the final destination written on the backs of the clues)

4. Wait for the right moment…. unleash the scavenger hunt

unnamed (22) unnamed (5) Clue/Stop 1: Woodinville Costco

unnamed (25) unnamed (9) Clue/Stop 2: Kirkland Marina

unnamed (24) unnamed (10) Clue/Stop 3: St. James Espresso in Kirkland

unnamed unnamed (6) Clue/Stop 4: Downtown Bellevue Park

paul present unnamed (7) Clue/Stop 5: Dock at Lake Boren

unnamed (3) unnamed (8) Final Destination: Shari’s in Renton

unnamed (1) cake Take a look at the final prize!