Wrote a book and need reviews but don’t know how?

In case you missed her last week, the lovely and talented Kelly St. Clare was here on my blog as a guest poster and wrote all about how to get reviews for your book. She brought up some great points! 

I’ve had a few authors contact me through my blog/goodreads/facebook regarding doing reviews and if their book looked good (and I liked it when I started reading) I’ve added them to my tbr list, so this point Kelly St. Clare brought up works.

She brought up another point that I’ve not yet done that I notice quite a few of the authors I follow do: a newsletter. So stay tuned for an option to follow my blog AND receive a monthly newsletter as a tl;dr monthly catch up for my blog.


Thanks again Kelly St. Clare for telling all about getting reviews (especially as a debut indie author this is highly valuable real-time information).


For more about Kelly St. Clare:

Author Biography

When Kelly St Clare is not reading or writing, she is dreaming up a story in her head; the cause of many headaches for her friends and family, who have struggled to encourage her participation in normal activities – such as everyday life.

Books have always been magical and mysterious to her. One day she decided to start unravelling this mystery and began writing. Her aim: To write stories she would want to read.

A New Zealander in origin, Kelly currently resides in Australia with her soon-to-be husband.

Follow her via Newsletter at www.kellystclare.com, and find her on Facebook or Goodreads.

If you would like to read her coming-of-age epic fantasy novel, Fantasy of Frost, then you can view it here.