Book Review: Lex Talonis by S.A. Huchton


Lex Talonis by S.A. Huchton

A Contemporary/Fiction Novel published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (04/27/15)



“I’m the girl who likes her cars fast and her boys even faster.” (Page 2).

Alexandria Ross once gave a guy a bj at a party to distract him and keep him from giving a date rape drug to her best friend Miranda. That’s just the kind of girl she is. Loyal to her best friend, always trying to keep Mandy safe. But Lexi can’t always look out for Mandy, especially when they are separated by thousands of miles going to different colleges. When the worst happens and Lexi is left with the clues, she is compelled to unravel the story of how Mandy got involved with an abusive boyfriend and a manipulative married therapist, and ultimately, to exact revenge in Mandy’s stead.



 Powerful Female, strength, resiliency, victims, emotional abuse, physical abuse, gangs, academics, plots, plans, biding time, feminine wiles, cheating, murder, friendship, loyalty, revenge, love, pursuit

My Review:

This story speaks to me for so many reasons. As someone who has been in a similar situation – in an abusive relationship – it was extremely gratifying to see the cause taken up by someone in a position of power, someone who knew how to use every available resource to her to not only exact revenge, but also to protect any future victims. Lexi is the bad girl we all want to be at times. She doesn’t put up with bull crap, unless it gets her closer to her ulterior goals. She is solid and strong. She is enviable in all different ways. She grew up with means and comforts and a safety net, yet she is still motivated and extremely intelligent and stubborn. She goes for what she wants and nothing can stand in her way.

It’s amazing how endearing and life-like Mandy was in the story. She was no longer present, yet she is always a part of the action. Her story is very much Lexi’s story. Huchton makes Mandi’s story come alive even more by interspersing memories of Lexi and Mandy within the chapters of the book. Some of these memories are beautiful and poignant, showing each of the girls as they were, carefree and young and full of future promise. Then the memories show more and more the darker side of what was going on, hinting at what was to come and what already took place. Huchton was quite clever in including these various flashbacks.

The level of involvement Lexi had in Mandy’s life and Mandy in Lexi’s life was astounding. It was as if Huchton took a crazy over-the-top romantic relationship, shaved off the romance, and left us with this emotionally heartbreaking and awe-inspiring relationship between two best friends. I’m jealous of the relationship those two girls had with one another. Although Lexi’s overly emotional attachment to Mandy is mildly disturbing, it also shows how far she will go for her best friend.

The characters and the story were so very alive and imaginable in my mind.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. on April 27th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 5.00


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