Foodie Fridays: Food Challenge aftermath

Here is what I normally eat:

unnamed (2)

Here is the Goliath Challenge from last week:

unnamed (12)

Here are some stats on calories for you: Goliath Burger features:
• 1 1/3 lbs beef with diced fresh habaneros (1288)
• 1/2 lb barbecue pulled pork (~600)
• Bacon (~86)
• cheddar and pepper jack cheeses (~200)
• home-made habanero relish (??)
• 4 onion rings (~275)
• 1.5 lb fries (~1700 calories)

~4139 calories in the challenge, I was saving calories all day (only ate ~250 in preparation which consisted of a peach, matcha urban remedy tea, a bite of crème caramel urban remedy, and a few bits of granola as well as lots of water)

Keep in mind that a person my size, weight, and height only needs to eat 1700 calories per day.

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I dressed up and made the challenge a meet up and invited anyone to come join or watch and two of my friends came, one even joined in the challenge.

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Here’s how I did:

I couldn’t weigh the food beforehand because the scale only goes up to x weight but I weighed the plate with the remainders and subtracted the wight of an empty plate


Plate weighed: 2 lbs 14 5/8 oz.

Food weighed: 3.5 lbs.

My plate remainders weighed: 1.09375 lbs.

the other challenger left: 1.3125 lbs.