Book Review: Water & Storm Country (The Country Saga) by David Estes

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Water & Storm Country (The Country Saga) by David Estes

A YA Sci-fi/Dystopian Novel published by David Estes (06/03/2013)



“As the name suggests, storm country is a place where nature fights against itself constantly, warring in the skies— not with swords and shields and horses and ships, but with lightning and dark clouds and— Boom!” (Kindle Locations 506-507).

Huck Jones may only be 14, but in a world that is ravaged by a plague and the fact that old age is a fantasy to most, he is expected to be a man and take command of his life, as long as he follows all the rules laid down by his father, Admiral Jones. Huck is a ‘Soaker,’ and has spent his life on a ship. He is supposed to become a man and take control of the unruliest ship of the lot, but it will take courage and leadership, things Huck is still learning.

Sadie has always wanted to be a Rider and is determined to be a Rider. There shouldn’t be any problems, because she’s destined to be a Rider, but she wants to get her horse and fight now. There are threats now and she isn’t content staying back in the tent with her father. She has no place for cowards and doesn’t like being cooped up when she could be out there with her destiny as a Rider in the Stormer’s army.

The Stormers and Soakers don’t get along, but when an even larger enemy rears its head, they will have to play nice to stay alive together.


 Storms, Horses, Ships, Slaves, Coming of Age, 14 year old, Responsibility, Leadership, Power, Cruel Father, Cowardice, Protection, Loyalty, Love, Romance, Compassion, Patience

My Review:

Water & Storm Country is more than a story about survival and determination, it is a coming of age story set in world entirely different than our own. It is a story about growing up and taking responsibility and fighting for those you love. Huck, more than Sadie, must figure out who he wants to be as an adult and become the leader he is supposed to be.

Once again David Estes creates two narratives in this book and balances them in their strength and importance. Huck is less sure about himself, his future and his decisions. He is nervous about living up to the expectations set forth for him. He has his convictions and they don’t always match those of his father. Sadie knows exactly what she wants out of life and knows she will be exactly what she is supposed to be. She is confident and mildly arrogant about her abilities.

I enjoyed this third book in the Country Saga Series and look forward to the culminating book of both the Country Saga and Dweller Series books: Earth Dwellers.

This novel was published by David Estes 06/03/2013 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 5.0


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