Disneyland and Business


I went to Disneyland last weekend! Jealous?

Day one at Disneyland:  unnamed (11) unnamed (10) unnamed (6) unnamed (9) unnamed (8) unnamed (7)


Day two at Paradise Pier for QA training: unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2)


Day three at Paradise Pier for QA training: unnamed (3) unnamed (4)


Day four, traveling home: unnamed (5)



As soon as I got into the park on Sunday (around 9:30 AM) I snagged a fast pass for Space Mountain (11:55-12:55 return time). Then headed over to Splash Mountain, waited two minutes in the Single Rider line and hopped in. Not like I remembered, the ride was stopped multiple times in the middle due to “log jams up ahead” which really killed the mood. The same ‘log jam’ happened during the Haunted Mansion, which I hit up next due to short estimated wait time. Pirates of the Caribbean was next and it was ho hum. It was about time to use my fast pass! Zoom near the front of the line with only a twenty versus seventy minute wait time (thanks fast pass!). Space Mountain is THE BEST ride at Disneyland and I highly recommend doing it more than once. I finished my day by Single Riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds (not worth a wait over 10 minutes), Star Tours (the only ride that made me feel nauseous) and Indian Jones.