Book Review: Cracked and Crushed (The Sacred Hearts MC Book 3) by AJ Downey

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Cracked and Crushed (The Sacred Hearts MC Book  3) by AJ Downey

A Romance Novel published by Second Circle Press (12/09/14)


“I can’t tell if you’re the storm or my shelter from it…” -Hayden (Kindle Location 1639).

Hayden, Ashton’s friend from Shattered & Scarred, is ready on her wedding day to wed Andy and forget all about the mysterious man from the Sacred Hearts MC she had her eyes on, Reaver. When she gets left at the altar, the only person who can get her back on her feet is Reaver. He takes her on her honeymoon and they both learn that they can balance each other and that they are good for one another. It isn’t just Hayden who has been through tough times, Reav has his own past troubles to deal with.



Romance, motorcycle, club, friendship, loyalty, family, POV change, best friends, bad days, sexual content, threesome, darker sides, violence, graphic violence, past life, B&B, boat


My Review:

Reaver has been the most difficult character for me to get behind, to sympathize with, and to like. He is the most intense character, the most rough, the most animalistic and barbaric. Reaver is the violent one, the one who will take revenge far enough that even the other characters question him. Reaver is also the most sexually deviant from the pack (thus far) and his different kind of sexual appetite scares Hayden at times.

Hayden is the all-around cool girl. Sure, she gets left at the altar and is depressed and sad, but she’s up for anything! Anyone who can have a good time (at least some of the time) on their own Honeymoon for a wedding that didn’t actually happen, is a happy person indeed. Hayden is up for Reaver and his eccentricities. She’s up for MC life. She’s a trooper and fun to watch grow and blossom under Reaver’s protection and love.

I liked Downey’s re-iteration of the phrase “You trust me Doll?” by Reaver to signify their love.

I haven’t mentioned before but I really like how Downey’s covers are unique to the romance genre, they aren’t just bare chested men. Just like her stories aren’t just sex and romance, but also involve a larger story and the bigger picture of the Sacred Hearts MC.

This novel was published by Second Circle Press on December 9th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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