Book Review: Dragons in Chains (Maze Beset) (Volume 2) by Lee French


Dragons in Chains (Maze Beset) (Volume 2) by Lee French

A Fantasy Novel published by Emily French (10/04/13)



“Purpose rushed through his veins, a more potent drug than anything he’d ever tasted before.” (Page. 154).

Bobby has pulled together most of the 35 people with super abilities, but the missing 11 (the 11 that were kidnapped by the government and might now be experimented on while Bobby and the others settle into their base of operations) are continually on his mind. He can’t forget about them. They are his half siblings after all. Bobby and Stephen decide to go on a mission of their own, not even informing the others of what they’re doing, in an effort to find out where the missing 11 are and how to free them. Bobby and Stephen end up in Afghanistan, working for the very people who are most likely holding the missing 11 hostage somewhere. Will Bobby be able to deal with real war and death?


Dragons, Superheroes, Fighting, Powerful, Government, Experiment, Testing, Survival, Friendship, Vampire, Helping Others, Slaughter, Conflicted, Afghanistan, War, Mission, Torture

My Review:

This second book is just as exciting as the first book, but it gets a bit heavy in the conflicted thoughts of Bobby because of the killing he’s done. Lee French puts Bobby through a whirlwind of chaos and has him asking if he is a monster. Bobby doesn’t know if he has control over himself. Is he a hive mind? Are his dragons in control or is he? What does that mean when they/he kill someone? These are all interesting questions, but the book takes too long pondering these questions and focusses too much on Stephen the Vampire and Bobby the Dragons and almost leaves behind the rest of the characters for another story.

Finally Bobby and Stephen return to their home base and Bobby questions even more what he is doing and how it makes him feel. The first book was about the group and the premise and the setup, but the second book is more on Bobby and his feelings and emotions and how he’s handling being who he is and doing what he does.

The book ends on a high tension note with a great cliffhanger to propel readers into the third and final book of the Maze Beset Series (or maybe there will be more books…)

This novel was published by Emily French on October 4th, 2013 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25


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