Book Review: Boil (Salem’s Revenge) (Volume 2) by David Estes

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Brew (Salem’s Revenge) (Volume 1) by David Estes

A YA Fantasy/Paranormal Novel published by Amazon Digital Services (10/01/2014)


“You can’t make yourself a hero,” I say. “You have to be born one. And sometimes the least likely heroes are the ones this world needs the most.” (Kindle Locations 4972-4973).

Rhett, after joining the side of the witch hunters, is bent on revenge. He thinks he now knows who is who and what is what in this battle between human born and magic born. There are three warring factions and Rhett is seeking out the New American Government to fight on their side for the humans. Laney is supportive until Rhett wants to use Trish, Laney’s sister, to help them. When they go their separate ways, it will take magic and their feelings for one another to bring them back together. Rhett’s anger has pushed him this far, but will it be too much? Will it cloud his judgement in the moment when he needs clarity, or will it prompt him forward past the point of bravery?


Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Paranormal, World Domination, Power Struggle, End of Humanity, Death, Violence, Evil, Hero, Challengers, Revenge, Hunting, Killing, Grudges


My Review:

Second books in series with romance always seem to see the potential partners separated for one reason or another and Boil is no exception. Laney and Rhett have their differences, but so far it hadn’t kept them apart, but when Rhett wants to use Trish in his plan, that’s the last straw for Laney.

I like how Laney sticks by her convictions. So does Rhett, but in a world where it’s difficult to tell who’s on what side and where allegiances lie, convictions can only get you so far.

The brooding/boiling romance that was hinted at in book one is on fire in book two! David Estes writes such great budding/building romances in books. They aren’t just one and done or love at first sight. They are built on the stuff all great relationships are built on and Estes builds them up slow and steady to get a real heartbreaking relationship.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services 10/01/2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 4.75

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