Book Review: Spectre of Intention by Tonya Macalino


Spectre of Intention by Tonya Macalino

A Cerebral Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel published by Crystal Mosaic Books (12/10/2013)



“…Kaitlin Osgood, Senior VP of Sales and Project Management for Countermeasures International. She was smart, she was competent, and she would find a way through this.” (Pages 61-62).

You might describe Kaitlin Osgood as having ‘two faces’ or being schizophrenic at times, but she has evolved to become Kaitlin, shedding her old life and self and personality as Ashley Porter. She is well into becoming a woman of business and success -as new and improved Kaitlin- when her current job leads to a run in with her old life and people she knew as Ashley. When her job and self are threatened, who will she turn to in order to get out of trouble – solid businesswoman and professional Kaitlin or street tough thief Ashley?



 Two-sided, Female Main Character, Sci-Fi, Space Elevator, Security Team, Professionals, Criminals, Violence, Threats, Thief, Past Life, Friends, Lover, Rebuilding Oneself, Sensing Emotions, Talents, Secrets

My Review:

The moment the book begins, it is as if the reader has been dropped into the middle of the story and the author gives no backstory or catchup or narrative explanation. As a reader you must glean as much information as you can to figure out what is going on. To help, you can re-read the summary of the book, as it gives the most precise explanation for what and who the main character is.

This story operates on the principle of the untold story as the author does more showing then telling, leaving the reader to go, “what?” It is difficult to understand what is going on and what the characters are thinking. The reader is on the outside looking in, left to the whims of what is going on and what the characters are saying without narrative guidance or character thoughts to guide the reader. It is difficult to grasp what is going on, especially at first.

The author brings to life the story of ‘what if.’ What if you had the superpower of… What would you be like? How would you live? What could you do if you had that power? Kaitlin is blessed (or cursed as is always the questions) with one such power and this book explores a piece of her life when another part of it intrudes and tries to take over. For those who like Science Fantasy novels that skirt the edge of philosophical, you might like Spectre of Intention

This novel was published by Crystal Mosaic Books 12/10/2013 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50


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