Book Review: INERTIA (The Threestone Trilogy Book 1) by A.R. Rivera


INERTIA (The Threestone Trilogy Book 1) by A.R. Rivera

A Fiction/Science Fiction Novel published by Amazon Digital Services (06/17/2015)


“…some of life’s most painful events are the ones that shape us— make us who we are destined to become— and that shaping makes those moments unavoidable. If we are ever to meet our destiny, they have to happen.” (Kindle Locations 265-266).

Gerry Springer is in his 30’s, about to get kicked out of his apartment, rides the bus every day because he can’t afford to fix his BMW, and works at a convenience store. His dreams of making music have been gathering dust for years and all he wants to do is get by, make sure his dad can comfortably live out his days at the retirement home, keep his girlfriend Abi happy and with him, pay his rent on time, work down his bills and debt, and fix his car that has been sitting in the garage for months.

Everything goes wrong for G, but then everything seems to be on an upswing, and then the bus he’s riding gets hit and there is no way he would have survived. Waking up in the hospital, G goes through a lengthy period of disorientation where everything from the date to the lack of GPS has him reeling. Is this a dream in a coma induced by the accident or has he been transported to 1996, the year his baby sister was killed in a car accident?


Car Accident, Relationships, Forward Motion, Father-Son, Time Travel, Can’t Get Ahead, Debt, Dead End Job, Money Troubles, Determination, Music


My Review:

A.R. Rivera has a knack for writing characters and stories about tragic and luckless individuals just struggling to get by day by day when something out of this world or unusual happens to them (makes for a good story). The level of detail of their day to day lives is amazing and really sets the reader into the story with the characters.

At first you think Gerry’s a jerk who can only make bad decisions, but when push comes to shove he thinks of -almost- nothing else than others and of saving his baby sister. Day to day he may be without motivation, but really that’s only because of his lack of opportunity and having to be responsible, or at least to try to be. Gerry shines when he has purpose in his life, but when he lacks direction his personality in the being a good person department is also lacking. He is a fascinating character to watch bomb personal relationships and to watch making hard decisions, like keep the car or the apartment and keep his girlfriend happy or follow his aging father’s final wishes?

Why does Abi, his girlfriend, love Gerry? What is her part in this relationship? It somewhat bothered me how G treats his girlfriend and how he’s always putting her last even in his thoughts unless she’s being abnormally loving and doing something huge for him. She gives and gives and he takes and takes and their relationship is grating, even bordering on abusive?

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services 06/17/2015 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25

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