Book Review: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires by Belart Wright

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Average Joe and the Extraordinaires by  Belart Wright

A YA Adventure published by BWright Publishing (12/18/14)


“Confusing the enemy greatly contributes to their defeat.” (Kindle Location 1375).

Joe is your average guy in everything but putting himself in harm’s way to save someone in need. When it comes to helping or saving others, Joe does not hesitate. When he sees ‘Beauty’ in trouble at the local Orangetown Pickers game, he jumps in to help. But Beauty is not your average damsel and she isn’t really in distress, but Joe came at the right time and she uses him to help her save a different damsel. In the days and weeks that follow Joe’s life will be anything but average because that one decision to jump in and be a hero puts him at the top of some not so nice lists, least of all with the local bullies at his school.



 Fairy Tale Adaptation, Contemporary Fairy Tale, Magic, Survival, Family, Love, Romance, True Love, Souls


My Review:

I loved Joe. He was weak. He was ignorant. He was clueless and hopeless and decidedly average but even average people can be heroes. Even average people can rise to a challenge and be extraordinary. Joe shows us that with determination and strong-mindedness, even in the face of cluelessness, one can do amazing things. And get caught. And get shot at. And stay calm. And be saved. Joe isn’t just one thing in this story but overall he doesn’t stop to think about helping another when the consequences for his own self could be severe.

The “Damsels” as they might be called were not your typical damsels in distress. Though Joe calls the first damsel Beauty and the name sticks, she is more than this nickname would lead you to believe. It is not her beauty that sticks out, it is her extraordinary abilities, her fighting spirit, and the way she is tough and kicks butt through it all. Dahlila was just as tough as Beauty though she did get herself more stuck in bad situations than Beauty.

The tech element in this book was fun and didn’t detract from the believability of the story. Why not have the good guy be extraordinary?

The humor in the writing style and dialogue and personalities of the characters made this book super fun to read. The scenes with the Bad Azz boys and Mod were particularly well done and funny as all get out. They were a cool spin to the typical high school bully in the cafeteria scene.

It’s fun to get the kick butt female’s story from the clueless male’s perspective.

This novel was published by BWright Publishing December 18th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating:4.75

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