Book Review: Love Never Dies by Loren Lockner


Love Never Dies by Loren Lockner

A Dark Romance Novel published by Tyan Wyss-Lockner (1/05/13)



“Marriage is for others— the lawyers, the children, the parents. A soul mate, that’s just for the couple, no one else.” (Page 78).

Julia was always helping her twin brother out, as he was constantly biting off more than he could chew, but the tables turn when his roommate turns out to be the best thing Julia could have found: her soul mate. Seth is everything Julia wasn’t even looking for and they fall in love almost instantly. Then, just as suddenly as their meeting and their romance, he is killed. It wasn’t an accident and neither was his more wild twin brother showing up in Julia’s life after Seth’s passing an accident.



 Romance, Love, Soul Mate, Introspective, Caring, Death, Fleeing, Victims, Architect, Murder, Twins, Sibling Connection, Lust, Mystery, Rival, Competitive, Disguise, Tattoo, Grief, Meant to Be

My Review:

The characters struck me as peculiar, as if the setting was Europe or England or maybe Seth just seemed like he was from a different culture. His personality and actions were very stiff and different from a familiar character or known “American” personality. In this difference, he was kind of an enigma and mysterious and more distant as a person.

The dialogue also seemed a bit peculiar. It was stiff and formal most of the time and stood out to me.

The idea of soul mate as Lockner has made it is just that, an idea and to build a whole novel around that one concept didn’t work out entirely well, in my opinion. The story lacked something. They’ve only known each other four months! And dated for less! How can you love someone without even truly knowing them? It’s instalove, but the wooing takes a couple of weeks. Then the I Love You’s come pouring forth.

The sibling connection was much more interesting to me than the soul mate connection – philosphically/spiritually speaking according to how Lockner described it.

I did very much enjoy the story telling aspect of the novel and how Lockner described everything and the environment she placed her characters into.

This novel was published by Tyan Wyss-Lockner January 5th, 2013 and is available on Amazon here.


TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50


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