Book Review: Mind: The Beginning (The Mind Series Book 1) by Jenn Nixon


Mind: The Beginning (The Mind Series Book 1) by Jenn Nixon

A Science Fiction Novel published by Vamptasy Publishing (11/04/15)


Dina Ranger is special, and just like her twin brother Duncan, she has telepathic abilities. Unlike her brother, she is more a loose cannon, moving away any time things get too heavy. Telepathy is kept under wraps, but sometimes Dina has to use her abilities. Eventually she comes back to her brother and his company of telepathic people because she is needed to help them solve an alien mystery. It isn’t just chance that has Dina involved in this case, and Dina will end up learning more about herself than she ever wanted. She will also meet Liam and their romance takes over.



Mind Powers, Psychic, Bad Guys, Aliens, Heritage, Ship, Romance, Sex, Twins, Multiple POV, Fighting, Chasing, Discovery, Government, Powers, Strong


My Review:

For a book marketed as a science fiction novel involving aliens and self-discovery, the book took a hot and heavy romantic turn about halfway through. The author left off her science fiction plot and relied heavily on the romance to intrigue the reader. I was not intrigued. I wanted the science fiction plot more than the romance between Liam and Dina and thought this romance took away from any science fiction elements in the book.

When the action started to pick up, it became too much. There wasn’t enough balance between action and romance and plot. It was all romance and all action after action after action sequence.

The concept of aliens and telepathy and truth about learning about Dina’s abilities were what grabbed me about this book, but the overwhelming head hopping, typos, and confusing mind talk and POV changes were hard to read. But if you like romance to be the main part of your sci-fi book, then you might like Mind: The Beginning. I, for one, will not read further in this series and was disappointed that it was classified as science fiction when it should have been marketed as a romance with sci-fi elements.

This novel was published by Vamptasy Publishing on November 4th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 2.50

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