Book Review: Broken Promise (The Broken Ones Book 3) by Jen Wylie


Broken Promise (The Broken Ones Book 3) by Jen Wylie

A Low Fantasy/Fiction Novel published by Untold Press (09/07/14)


“There was nothing quite like the rush of a good fight.” (Kindle Location 15776).
“…what you see isn’t always the truth.” (Kindle Locations 15859-15860).

After dropping Prince off in Rivenward to heal and potentially never to see again, Aro’s next move is to see about the Were King, get ready to help the Fey, and find a nice place to stay for the winter. What Aro realizes is that the Were King is more upset at them for forming a Pack and that staying holed up for the winter in another town will bring all sorts of other problems for her.


Fighting, War, Tension, Female Protagonist, Tragedy, Romance, Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Family, Travel, Escape, Protection, Lies, Danger, Death, Grief, Training, Addiction, Killer

My Review:

As a series, there were small things I didn’t care for, like Aro’s instant love and devotion to Kei, how she kept dying and being brought back to life, and the constant travel in book two. I still thought this was an excellent series (thus far) and I loved the emotion the author brought to the stories and characters. There were so many excellent and well done things to like. For example, Aro herself was a wonderfully crafted character who grew and changed in every book. The story developed throughout and the plot was well conceived as a whole and within each book. The story, Aro’s story, was mesmerizing. I wanted and still want more from her and her story. The inter-character relationships and dialogue was also quite well done and realistic.

The pacing in this third book was just as well done as in book one. There was a good blend of action, tension, and fighting with buildup, learning, travel, and character interaction.

I absolutely loved Roan and was so pleased that the author added him in organically and tied him back to previous information. Roan was multifaceted, just like Aro and her pack members.

The fantasy in this book continues to be relevant, not over the top, and well integrated into the plot and story. I very much look forward to book four in the Broken Ones series by Jen Wylie.

This novel was published by Untold Press September 7th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 4.00

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