Book Review: The Reaper (The Children of Wisdom Book 2) by Stephanie Erickson


The Reaper (The Children of Wisdom Book 2) by Stephanie Erickson

A Fiction Novel that will be published (03/06/2016)


“We only fail if we give up.” (Kindle Location 2005).

Penn is back, but it is Michaela the Reaper who tells the story in this second installment of the Children of Fate. The “surprises” that have shown up on the Reaper’s lists for weeks now, keep on coming. Who is cutting lives short? Michaela found these surprise souls in a limbo prison in hell and not in heaven where they belong. She can’t fix this by herself, so she gets Penn and the other Fates to help her get to the bottom of the mystery. Is it too late to save these souls? Will there be more lives cut short? Who is to blame? Why isn’t G-d doing something about it?


Fate, Life, Death, Order, Chaos, God, Humans, Immortals, Banishment, Punishment, Love, Love Sick, Friendship, Heaven, Earth, Hell, Tough Choices, Tapestry of Life, Demons, Escape

My Review:

The Reaper continues where The Fate left off, but through the eyes of Michaela and not of Penn. The cliffhanger and less than satisfying ending in The Fate is replicated in book two. Loose threads were not tied up, but they are beginning to unravel to their tips. We get more of the story behind the main love story found in book one.

The end of the Reaper is like that of a serial episode and not like that of a full novel. The cliffhanger is more abrupt. The final scene is more abrupt. The pacing of this overall series is not predictable. I would have liked to see the Children of Wisdom not as multiple books, but as serials or one book.

I like how Stephanie Erickson shows us heaven, hell, and the places in between. The worldbuilding is just enough to show us everything the characters see and know and feel. I also love her ‘rules’ for the Fates and the various types of people who live and work in this afterlife (beforelife?). Demons are not to be trusted. Reapers are compassionate. Fates can work wonders with their hands.

Overall it was a fun book and I look forward to reading the third book in this series.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author and this is an honest review.

This novel will be published 03/05/2016 and will be available on Amazon.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.00

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