Book Review: Ghost Hope (The PSS Chronicles #4) by Ripley Patton

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Ghost Hope (The PSS Chronicles #4) by Ripley Patton

A Speculative Fiction/Paranormal Novel published by Ripley Patton (06/15/16)


After everyone was displaced at the end of Ghost Heart, Olivia is with Mike Palmer stuck waiting for the hackers to find out where the dome and everyone else went. Mike Palmer leaves to find Kaylee. The hackers find the dome and Olivia is ready to go back because her goal is clear: get into the computers in the dome and find out everything the CAMFers and the Hold know about PSS, what they’ve been doing, and what they’ve done. Olivia doesn’t plan to stop at finding the research, however, she has bigger plans for the information.


Rare, Ghost Hand, Power, Hunted, Freak, Not Normal Teenagers, Hiding, PSS, Research, Friendship, Leader, Strategy, Romance, Love, Relatives, Plan, Reuniting, Lost, Dome, Desert, Oregon, Fighting, Human Nature

My Review:

What a wonderfully satisfying ending to this series! Everything I wanted to know and everything I didn’t realize I wanted to know was revealed throughout this final and fourth book. What is PSS, how does it work, and finally where did it come from are fully answered. As a series, Patton does an amazing job at revealing the perfect amount of information on her imaginative PSS concept at the perfect intervals. Everything came together in this final book.

Characters I thought were minor were given more depth. For instance, Anthony, was shown to have a bigger role in the overall plot and more significance to the story than just as Dr. Fineman’s henchman. Every character mattered. Every character was their own person. Even Anthony is not entirely evil as a bad guy. His motivations and why he thinks the way he does is shown. He even gets some of his own chapters!

The breakdown of POV in this book was masterfully crafted. There were multiple POV, but they didn’t always alternate every chapter. The reader gets inside the heads of everyone important, except perhaps Olivia’s mother. There’s David Marcus, Olivia, Anthony, Jason, Mike Palmer, and Kaylee to get to know better. Kaylee was the most unique and different voice. Even though I couldn’t get into her perspective as much as I could the others, she was the most interesting voice to read.

The climax was excellent in both this book and as a series finale. There was buildup of tension throughout, with action interspersed expertly with character development and scene. The ending was as tense as any thriller and the conclusion was perfect for the plot, even though I thought there could be more written for the denouement. Some of the character reactions to the climax were not as full as they could have been.

I look forward to reading whatever Ripley Patton writes next.

This novel was published by Ripley Patton on June 15th, 2016 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 5.00

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