Book Review: Stone Alliance by Emily Bates


Stone Alliance by Emily Bates

A YA Fantasy Novel published by Amazon Digital Services LLC (02/19/16)


Rustav returns home with an idea of how to save his land from corruption and war. If he can unite the peoples of the land and the legends, they might have a chance to overthrow the corrupt King and the infiltration of the island demons.


Forest, Demons, Escape, Struggle, Legend, Country, Leader, Corrupt King, Heir, Adventure, Identity, Past, Future, Friendship, Loyalty, Love, Brave, Resistance

My Review:

I loved how this book two picked up right after where book one left off for a fluid continuation of the story.

Everything is ramped up in this book! There is more fighting, more strategy, more devious plots, more action, more fantasy, more creatures, more distress, etc.

This book featured POV changes between Dantzel, Rustav and Caleb, which I loved. Dantzel continues to grow into her role as strategist and fighter. Rustav grows much more in this book to develop into a leader, but he continues to make choices that lead to severe consequences and tension. Ayre is back and reveals what his true motives are. Caleb really has grown in this book as well, as he is now an able-bodied fighter who wants to be involved in the action.

The romance between Dantzel and Rustav continues but doesn’t overtake or sideswipe the main plot of this book.

There is much to learn and love from this series and I can’t wait to read more from Emily Bates!

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on February 19th, 2016 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.50

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