Book Review: Veneri Verbum (Figments Book 1) by Zanzibar 7 Schwarznegger


Veneri Verbum (Figments Book 1) by Zanzibar 7 Schwarznegger

A Fiction Novel published by Chizzy Press (01/15/15)


Christopher is participating in NaNoWriMo, but he’s barely put two words on the page. He spends his writing time fantasizing about the character he’s created instead of writing anything down. When Christopher finds himself in an alternate world, one where ‘author’ is a dirty word and everything random can and does happen, he will have to journey with his character Elsa to find the way back out.


Writing, Imagination, Courtroom, Train, Thoughts, Characters, Authors, NaNoWriMo, Books, Literature, Craziness, Random, Puns, Footnotes, Cleverness, Humor

My Review:

This book was impossible to read in one sitting because (especially in the case of Autokorect and certain other scenes) it required some concentration. I wanted to understand every nuance and joke because they were all so clever!

If you aren’t paying attention, many of the details might seem random, when they are actually hints and references to literature, writing, NaNoWrimo, and other fun things. This book is full of every good and clever inside writing/literature joke you can think of, sometimes with a twist.

I treasured each and every footnote.

This book is a refreshing distraction from other novels and fun to read, especially if you are a writer or have participated in National Novel Writing Month, and if not it’s just a clever book full of fun situations and imagination beyond your wildest dreams.

This novel was published by Chizzy Press on January 15th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25

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