Book Review: Undone by the Star by Stephanie Browning


Outbid by the Boss by Stephanie Browning

A Contemporary Romance Novel published by Amazon Digital Services LLC (4/03/16)


“Alex was glad she’d never seen Marc’s films; it was the man she’d been attracted to, not the star.” (Kindle Locations 1420-1421).

Alexis Kirkwood has been groomed for her role as CEO of the great London Sadler Hotel. All her life she’s been in training for the role and she will let nothing get in the way of her inheritance. Understaffed, Alexis must keep the hotel running smoothly, even if it means directing the new plumber, or rather, the man she thinks is the new plumber. When Marc Daniels, action hero movie star is mistaken for a common laborer he goes along with the mistake, relishing the feelings of normalcy and being close to the attractive Alex. Alexis doesn’t appreciate making such a mistake and even though she is instantly attractive to the rugged Marc, she will have to step lightly around any relationship with a movie star if she’s to keep her hotel in good standing.


Hotel, CEO, Movie Star, Action Hero, Matriarch, Grandmother, Romance, Relationship, Discreet, Media

My Review:

The characters were interesting enough. They were their own persons apart from each other. Alex is a high profile up and coming CEO who can multi-task like it’s nobody’s business. Marc is the action star hero who secretly relishes history and beautiful scenery. They are not your everyday people, but they act realistic.

This story was fast and easy to read, but lacked external tension. Most of the tension came from the grounds of the relationship between Marc and Alex and the effect it would have on their careers, or mostly just Alex’s career as CEO of a prestigious hotel.

Their relationship was built from the start on instant attraction although the two lovers got to know each other more throughout the story. I wish there had been more depth to their attraction.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on April 3rd, 2016 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50

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