Book Review: Breeder: Arrow’s Flight Book #1 by Casey Hays


Breeder: Arrow’s Flight Book #1 by Casey Hays

A Science Fiction/Dystopian Novel published by Whispering Pages, LLC (11/22/14)


Kate lives in the only civilization left on earth, a small village where women rule the town and men are kept alive only as breeding stock to replenish the earth. Kate has been chosen as a breeder and she must fulfill her role in society, but on her birthday when she is led to the Pit for her first mating, she rebels. Kate never wanted to be a breeder, but in this society where Fate is all important, will she be able to break out and do what she wants or will she be forced to conform to society’s rules?


Breeding, Procreation, Dystopian, Female Run Society, Rebelling, Leadership, Fate, Destiny, Village, Isolation, Friendship, Council, Voice, Chosen, Disobedience, Punishment, Secrets

My Review:

Another dystopian novel. Another female heroine. Another enticing and excellent book that had me enthralled to the very end. Some parts may have rambled on a bit, but the story was so well written and held my attention from beginning to end.

Kate is an amazingly active and headstrong character who doesn’t let things happen to her, even though this is how Fate works. She refuses a role as a placid character. She is dynamic and stubborn and in this way, too, she is special. Any one of us could be Kate if we too followed our hearts and didn’t look the other way when injustice happened.

I loved Kate just a little bit more every time she interacted with a male and showed her strength, innocence, determination and humanity.

I look forward to more books, dystopian or otherwise, from this author.

This novel was published by Whispering Pages, LLC on November 22nd, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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