Book Review: Horizon Found (Relic Trilogy Book 2) by Claudia Blood

Horizon Found (Relic Trilogy Book 2) by Claudia Blood

A Sci-Fi YA Action Novel published by Dragon Bane Publishing (02/15/21)


Almost no time has passed between the ending of book one and the beginning of book two. Duff has been with Z-Crew for a few months now. Matilda has been working directly with Ravenne for a few weeks. Z-Crew and Ravenne have been finding fewer and fewer relics. Z-Crew needs a big win in order to survive, but without a Seer, it’s near impossible to find Relics. For Ravenne, time is running out to find the Seer who saved Ravenne’s daughter and send her back to that fateful moment years and years ago.


Assassin, Planet, Jungle, Orphan, Family, Survival, Attack, Mystery, Time Travel, Space, Evil, Power, Tracking, Alien Planet, Seer, Relic, Daughter, Safety


My Review:

Horizon Found was a strong middle book in this Relic Trilogy by Claudia Blood. Since motivations and characters had already been established in Book One, this book’s plot appeared more focused. Duff had more of a plan, or at least a place to stay, though even that’s in jeopardy. Both Books One and Two take place on an inhospitable planet, where survival is rough and not everyone can make it…

Though they didn’t end on the best of terms in the first book, Duff and Z will need each other to survive and to save the children of the orphanage. I really enjoyed learning more about Z’s backstory and origins. Since the book changes POV, I also was able to learn more about Matilda and her abilities. I really liked reading more about Matilda and seeing her interact with Ravenne. The more we see Ravenne, the more I wondered whether this conflicted bad character would have a chance to redeem herself in the end and whether she would take such an opportunity. Is she inherently bad? We know that her life’s purpose to save her daughter, even if it’s at the expense of an entire planet’s population.

After becoming familiar with the main characters I was rooting for them to not just succeed and survive, but also to fall in love. I was very on-board with the romantic sub-plots and can’t wait to see how they develop further in the last book of the trilogy.

I noticed more and more that there were certain plot conveniences. In book one I was too enthralled with the characters and the plot to let such details slow me down but it seemed that frequently when a character mentioned something, it would happen. For example, Duff mentioned a planet-dwelling creature for the first time, and then moments later it would appear and move along or dramatize the plot. The world-building sometimes seemed to happen as it’s needed.

I enjoyed the slower buildup of tension throughout this book (and from the first book). The climax was quite satisfying and full of excitement but the end of the book felt like it lacked a proper denouement and ended mid-action. I can’t wait to see what happens in book three!

This novel was published by Dragon Bane Publishing on 02/15/2021 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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