Book Review: Pieces of You by Kate Benson

Pieces of You by Kate Benson

A Contemporary Romance Novel published (10/29/18)


Ava moves back to her small hometown after divorcing her abusive husband. Both of them came from the same town and he was the idolized hometown hero, but not to Ava after the charming beginning of their relationship. She doesn’t know if she can heal. Nate lived in the small hometown his whole life and never had any great lasting relationships, just heartache until he meets Ava.


Romance, Relationship, Sex, Abuse, Alzheimer’s, Contemporary, Country, Alcoholism, Broken,

My Review:

I’ve come to really enjoy multiple POV romances, and Pieces of You delivers the POV of Ava and Nate in this story. I really, really appreciated the way Nate listened to Ava and agreed with more than just his words to ‘take things slow.’ Often a character will promise one thing and then act differently. Spending years in an abusive relationship will condition you to act, feel, and react in certain ways and it takes time, continuous patience, and understanding to slowly unwind yourself away from the effects of that abuse. Ava spent more than 10 years in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband.

Though I wish there had been more depth to Ava, Nate, and the story, I did enjoy reading the slow build of their romance over the course of the novel. I think Bensons captured that small-town feel to the way Nate and Ava interacted and the way they talked.

The climax was entirely predictable and didn’t carry enough weight to make the ending satisfactory, but I appreciated the fact that the novel had an ending and decent resolution. I did think that the author did too much telling and glossing over some worthwhile details in the last 15% of the book. I didn’t feel the need to read all the words and may have skimmed a bit of the end.

This novel was published 10/29/18 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50

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