Book Review: Coming in from the Outfield By Carrie Wiegman


Coming in from the Outfield By Carrie Wiegman

A Contemporary Romance Novel published by Novelsy, LLC (04/11/21)

First reviewed through Reedsy Discovery


Lillian isn’t pursuing a new relationship, especially since her last relationship ended after a traumatic incident with her stalker ex. Then Lillian meets Hayden after getting lost in the Texas baseball stadium. He’s a statistics guy, or so he tells her. They have an immediate attraction and connection to each other. Little does Lillian know at the time, since she doesn’t follow sports, that he’s actually the Golden Glove winning shortstop of the team. Can she trust Hayden or will holdover issues of trust from her last relationship get in the way of this burgeoning romance?


Sports, Baseball, Career, Audit, Friendship, Love, Romance, Shorstop, Long-Distance, Protective, Misunderstanding, Abusive Ex, Past, Reputation

My Review:

“College was easy. Books are easy. People take time for me to understand. Carrie. untitled (Kindle Locations 17-18).”

I was reeled in by the easy flow of the writing and the friendly yet informative narration style and POV that continued throughout the book.

I love a good meet-cute, and this book delivered one of the best meet-cutes! I can’t get enough of the characters’ instant attraction for one another. The experience felt intense and electrifying for both the characters living it and myself reading about it. I missed the intense rush of flutters and excitement of first dates after reading this scene. I was emotionally checked in, and not just because of how the author took her time writing the meet-cute scene, but because I already felt like I knew the main character, Lillian.

I was absolutely thrilled that Lillian has a career in STEM – a good old-fashioned numbers nerd! I love, also, that she’s good at what she does. I’m always on board when someone is passionate about their career and what they do day-to-day like Lillian but even more so when the character is knowledgeable and important in their job. I also thought it was neat that her superiors and coworkers were a mix of both men and women and that she was not ‘passed on’ for a promotion because of her gender. In fact, it was refreshing that her gender didn’t come into play in regard to her career (though it could have and still be realistic).

It was clever to show how related Hayden’s and Lillian’s careers are to each other through statistics and numbers, and it was neat to see them both passionate about each other’s careers and jobs. Their romance showed good development over time, even though they did have some instant-attraction from the beginning. I thought their whole dynamic was very relatable, especially being a long-distance relationship.

Though the ending is predictable, and you can see what is going to happen from a mile away, it was still very satisfying. The climax made sense and felt realistic while still being highly dramatic and emotionally charged.

If you love a sweet, satisfying romance you will enjoy this book. If you like baseball or are familiar with auditing, you might get an extra kick out of reading this book. If you love drinking wine, you will relate even more to Lillian!

This novel was published by Novelsy, LLC 04/11/21 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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