Book Review: Rebuilding Alexandra Small by Mo Fanning

Rebuilding Alexandra Small by Mo Fanning

A Comedic Fiction Novel published by Spring Street Books (06/04/21)

First reviewed through Reedsy Discovery


Allie Small was an alcoholic. Now she’s been sober for years, is married to a rising-star athlete, and is trying for a baby. Everything is on the up and up until she finds out that her husband has been having an affair with their fertility doctor. Not only that, but somehow the media keeps getting ahold of all the most sordid details of Allie’s troubles. It appears that someone from her past has it out for her.


WAG, Alcoholism, Press, Rumor, Gossip, Work, Love, Backstabbing, Media

My Review:

This book was refreshing, but at the same time had me biting my nails with mild anxiety. I never knew what was going to befall the main character Allie next. Nothing terrible happens to her, but every day some new annoyance, mishap, snide comment, or bullying occurs. At times I felt sorry for Allie and at other times I blamed her. Allie is not perfect, hasn’t always made great decisions, and sometimes lashes out. She’s like one version of ourselves, the version we are always trying to hide. Yet even then, I envy her. Allie doesn’t suppress herself. She reacts. She says what she shouldn’t and acts on impulse… but not all the time. She is trying to pick up her pieces and move on with her life, except she’s been thrust into a state of limbo. Mo Fanning has cleverly crafted this complex environment for Allie and I was enthralled watching the ups and downs of her everyday life within this environment. I was forever guessing what she would do or say next. I couldn’t put the book down. I was very curious about what was going to happen next. My life feels like it’s so different from Allie’s and I found her absolutely fascinating.

Allie is a WAG, thrust into the media and spotlight (mostly for her shortcomings or any negative drama surrounding her) because she’s married to a well-known athlete. Every time someone recognizes Allie on the street, I was not shocked at the interactions, but disgusted by the media’s negative portrayal of her. This is a reality of pop news and it was maddening to see Allie have to deal with this type of bullying. Allie wasn’t always nice to others growing up, so perhaps the way people see her and treat her now might be some kind of karma, but she doesn’t deserve it! Nobody does. The small window into the nasty way celebrities and those in the media are treated was both fascinating and saddening.

I felt like I was reading a mid-life crisis in action. Allie runs the gamut of moods, from hopeful to impassive to angry and worked up.

I was intrigued by Allie’s relationship with her husband, her friends, and people in the media. The book features heavy dialogue that is well-written and really tells the whole story.

For those who love some good gossip and day-to-day comedic tragedy, this is the book for you!

This novel was published by Spring Street Books 06/04/21 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.50

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